Göcek Dim Hotel

   A corner of paradise in Gocek, Mugla Province of Turkey as a charming town situated in thesouth-west. This was a friendship until the end of the blue and green meet in the charmingtown Dim Hotel is ready to welcome you with smiling faces and camaraderie. Which is asmall family-run hotel has been serving 12 months.

G ö c e k

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Located in southwest Turkey Gocek, a small seaside town of the town of Mugla Fethiye.Small and quiet village until the early 1980s with the development of awareness of tourism in Turkey Gocek and discovered in the region had grown rapidly and have increased in importance after this date.
Gocek, Fethiye and Göcek Bay located in the Gulf coastal strip known as a concentratedarea of ​​settlement. Surrounded by the Taurus mountains to the sea with steep drop-Southdirection, except around the Gocek, this has limited land wedged between the mountains.

Gocek is located in the geographical structure of the bay serves as a port because of thecalm and sheltered. With numerous beautiful bays, with large and small islands and theturquoise waters of the sea holidaymakers and enthusiasts sought to incorporate all thefeatures. The characteristics of Gocek bay boats offshore and perfect for those who like tocruise to a break point and has been housing. To meet this requirement in four differentinternational marina Göcek is located in the center.
Gocek, for yacht enthusiasts, not only with marina'ları, accommodation, catering,entertainment, technical service, Travel Agency, stores supplies, communications and health services and also provides support. Gocek yacht enthusiasts from around the worldlovers that buluşmalarını, yacht races held in May and November, is being organized byGöcek Yacht Club. In addition, the Eastern Mediterranean Yacht Rally participants that visitthe shores in May.

Whether by land or by sea from Gocek and those who want to spend the holidays here, social, cultural, technical and medical fields and can serve all the sub-structure blue Gocekalso those of the best starting point for trips. South Aegean and Mediterranean waters of the output can be the easiest routes and destinations hosts an excellent starting point of each other on the route.
The nature of the perfect green paradise of Göcek coves and clear waters that cross borders with the reputation of the tourist season lasts from April until November.
Address-based population census conducted in 2007 by 3,625 persons.

Multi-lane road between Fethiye Dalaman to enter service with full access extremelyrelaxed. Tunnel was completed and opened in 2006 with 980 meters long Gocek GocekPass that bothers those who travel here by this date, the problem has been exceeded, andramps.
Following the opening of the tunnel is 22 km from Dalaman International airport for those traveling to this region when the won fell. This advantage of people all over the world who are aware of and evaluating the well-known figures in the famous Gocek-goers.
On 12.06.1988 from 805 km square area of ​​Göcek Special Environment Protection under the multi-storey buildings and facilities available. Accommodation facilities at the majority ofhotel rooms, apart-hotels and accommodation form.

The majority of tourism businesses run by local people, guests of the local people with an intimate character of hospitality welcomes you in an appropriate manner.
With traces of Lycian civilization, many ancient ruins, and even islands around Göceknoticeable. Sometimes you walk in a bay, on the slopes while surfing or swimming in the sea under your feet, pre-dating the years to come across on the tissue.
Gocek town center you will find continuous daily tour boats. Boats leaving from there to go to the nearby island of Gocek. If you decide to come Gocek Blue Voyage boats for rent that can immediately have a professional travel businesses.

Göcek Special Environment Protection Authority, the Directorate General of Forest andSea Protection Association (TURMEPA) Study was initiated in collaboration with MarineManagement Plan. 205 pieces of Gocek Bays Marine Management Plan within the scope of this study are located eyebolt. Thanks to these eyebolts boat bays connected by banningthe trees are aimed to protect the trees. Mapa Map of Gocek Bays Turmepa waste reception by boat yachts are all the visitors.
Surrounded by lush pine forests all around, except the direction of the sea in Göcek, with itsuntouched nature has a richness that can serve all types of holiday concept.